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Affordable - Premium
Forged & Flow Formed Wheels

Just what your race car needs

APEX Race Parts is on a mission to provide the community with lightweight wheels to maximize vehicle performance.

We stand by their philosophy of educating the importance of finding the right wheel size and tire compound that best fits your vehicle's needs. Check out APEX's vehicle-specific fitment guide on their website.

Forged or Flow Formed Wheels?

Quality and performance are impacted by the process during wheel manufacturing.


Forged Wheels

  • Compressed and machined to shape

  • Stronger material construction

  • Uses less material, therefore it is lighter than a cast or flow-formed wheel

  • More expensive

VS-5RS // Front & Rear in Anthracite
F87 M2 Race Car FL-5 - 3.jpg
FL5 // Front & Rear in Race Silver

Flow Formed Wheels

  • Stronger than cast wheels, most noticeably in the barrel. 

  • Often lighter as less material is necessary over cast wheels.

  • Budget-oriented choice for performance wheels


Flow Formed

VS-5RS // Front & Rear in Anthrocite 
17x9.5" ET35 with 255/40-17 Toyo RR
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